An Actors look at “The Princess and the Goblin”

My name is Jayce Ortlieb. I portray the Goblin King in the fantastic Princess and the Goblin based off George MacDonald’s book. This will be my fifth production under Chesterton Stage Productions, and I look forward to entertaining our audience. It’s great, in part, because I’m preforming with friends and co-stars that preformed with me in our last show Magic. I am accompanied by Larkyn Villeneuve, John Obrey, and the great Rachel Pincince, all talented actors in their own right.

The Princess and the Goblin has a riveting plot and story, never a dull moment. Fantastic writing and intriguing characters help drive the plot. I’ve seen amazing characterization from my fellow actors who breathe life into these characters, and I can’t wait to see it all come together when the curtain goes up.

I originally auditioned for the main protagonist, Curdie, but was instead given the part of the Goblin King. I must say I am thrilled with my part and have no regrets. The Goblin King is the main villain of the show, but he’s also an incredible protagonist. Yes, he’s the protagonist. The protagonist seeks to accomplish something, and the antagonist seeks to stop the accomplishment of said thing. The Goblin King seeks to unite his people and make peace with the humans, while at the same time providing divine judgement on those humans who have in the past fought against him and his people. The humans aren’t fond of the thought of uniting with the goblins and they want nothing to do with the species. Thus a conflict between the two races is present.

I’ve had a great time developing the character of the Goblin King, and I’m just itching to entertain the audience. A ton of hard work has gone into this production, and it’s all paying off. The story, the characters, the plot and the narration all blend together perfectly. This is one of my favorite shows, and I hope that everyone will enjoy spectating it as much as we enjoy preforming it.

There will be three shows on September 30th and October 1st 2017 at the Strand Ballroom in Dover N.H. You can get more information and tickets for “The Princess and the Goblin” here 


Jayce Ortlieb is an actor, writer, musician, and so much more. You can find his fictional universe at  TimberWolf Universe


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