Gilbert’s Guide Press Release

cropped-chestreronstage2.jpgChesterton Stage Productions Presents

Gilbert’s Guide to Elfland Excursions

November 22-23, 2019


For immediate release: October 2019

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Head of CSP: Christopher Ouellette Tel: 603-785-7749

Gilberts Guide to Elfland Excursions” is a delightfully captivating and adventurous fairy tale stage show for the entire family!

Chesterton Stage Productions is BACK! You loved them in “Alice: Through the Looking Glass,” “The Stinky Cheeseman,” and “The Princess and the Goblin”…Now, join them once again, and with new stars in their midst, for their sixth collaboration with the Strand Ballroom in Dover, bringing you THREE fantastic fairy tales in ONE entertaining show!

With a cast of actors from 7 to 17 years old, these fun fairy tales will jump out of their books and onto the stage with forgotten twists and beloved characters.

Gilbert will bring you along for three fairy tales; The classic “Beauty and the Beast,” The Swedish version of theCinderella” tale and George MacDonald’s “Little Daylight”.

Join Chesterton Stage Productions for three shows in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the historic Strand Ballroom Theater, located on Third Street in Dover, New Hampshire.

Performances: Friday November 22 at 10:30am, Friday November 22 at 6:30pm, and Saturday November 23 at 1:30pm.

Tickets are $10. The Friday morning show has special pricing and bonuses for student groups. For more information about all the shows, visit or search for Chesterton Stage Productions on Facebook.

END -Notes to editor -/more follows:

Gilbert’s Guide to Elfland Excursions” is a fun show for the family based on stories from France, Scotland, and Sweden

The 20 person cast ranges in age from 7 to 17

Some of the actors have come from leads in Matilda,” Alice Through The Looking Glass” and “The Princess and the Goblin

All shows will be performed at the historic Strand Ballroom on Third St. in Dover, NH

The “Gilbert character is based on English writer G.K. Chesterton and his essay “The Dragons Grandmother”

The “Strand Ballroom” has been re-opened and rejuvenated as a hub for community and the performing arts by Dan “Mr. Strand” Demers in time for the 100th anniversary of its first show.

Chesterton Stage Productions has called “The Strand” home for 3 years now.

CSP’s “Alice Through The Looking Glass” in November 2016 was the first live play on the “Strand” stage since 1922

More information about our shows: or Search “Chesterton Stage” on Facebook

Find downloadable photos, posters, and art at *

*You have the permission of Chesterton Stage Productions to use the files in that folder for articles and presentations in print or online, informing about

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