Auditions for Coraline The Musical

Student actors 9 and up are welcome.

Killer Kittens From Beyond The Grave: Neil Gaiman's Coraline

This Musical is based on the book by Neil Gaiman.

It’s very similar to the story of in the movie (Though the character Why B was invented for the film.)

The soundtrack is fun, but we will be using more instrumentation than just a toy piano

You can respond on the Facebook event page.
This is educational theater, any experience (or non-experience) level is welcome.
At auditions, actors will be asked to recite something they have memorized. (Anything more than 1 sentence, less than 3 minutes – try to avoid things from TV or Movies etc. Stick to things from books and plays)They will also be asked to sing a song. After everyone recites, there will be a break for the directors to go over notes. We will come back and actors will be given a script and assigned a partner (or two) and given a few minutes to read over the part. Then each group will take a turn reading the short scene they were given.
If there is extra time after that, we will do some short theater games. Parts and scripts will be given out by the first week of August so actors can learn their lines and be ready to go in September. (Rehearsals are much more fruitful when everyone knows their lines)
I will be available to help people get started on memorizing, especially if this is one of their first theater experiences. You are also welcome to make your own arrangements with other actors to get together to run lines. The Production fee is $100.

Rehearsals will be weekly or twice a week (depending on the size of parts) in Dover NH.
There will also be vocal coaching at Samantha Murphy’s Studio in Rochester NH. There are 9 main rolls. Then there are Chorus characters. (We are also working on adding a Ballet component)There will be at least 3 performances in the Rochester/Dover aria mid or late October
The week before the show will be Production Week. You will be needed daily.
Parents of actors will be asked to offer help in some way to the show. (there are many different things to help with, from heading up a committee, to being crowd control at rehearsal, to artistic or administrative rolls and more.)If you have any questions, please ask here or email or text 603-785-7749

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