Sponsor Coraline in October!

  Chesterton Stage Productions’

Chesterton Stage Productions’  
Presentation of 
“Coraline the Musical”  
Three Performances at 
Emmanuel in Rochester, NH 
October 29-30

Sponsor: __________________________  

 [ ]$25 Business card [ ]$50 1⁄2 page [ ]$75 Full Page 

(A full page is approximately 5×8”.)  

[ ]$500 Super Star Sponsor 

Super Star Sponsor will get:  • Full page advertising in playbill • Thank You from the stage  •  6 free tickets  •

Total Amount Due: __________________________  

Your ad or message will be placed in our playbill for 

“Coraline the Musical”  October 29-30

For more information and questions Christopher@ChestertonSP.com 1 603-785-7749 

If you would like, you can pay through PayPal or Venmo

Thank you for your support of Youth Theater Arts! 

You can get a PDF of this form here.

Learn more about the show Coraline the Musical here.

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