Robin Hood Auditions February

This is an educational theater show.

Students will learn about theater and acting while preparing Robin 🏹 Hood!
Registration is $100 and limited to 30 actors age 11-teen.

You can pre register with PayPal or Venmo using @ChestertonSP
Rehearsal is twice a week with the show in May. Tech week will be daily.

Auditions are Friday February 4 From 1-4

Mandatory Parent Meting with Archery Seminar and practice for actors is Monday February 7 From 1-4

Cast announcement with full readthrough is Friday February 11 from 1-4

Rehearsals are Mondays and Fridays From 1-4 starting on the 14

Auditions, Parent Meeting, Read Through, and Rehearsals will be at the Prax in Dover.
97 Piscataqua Rd, Dover, NH 03820-5206,

Tech Week starts Monday May 16. This will be daily. You will get a schedule as we will be meeting at the Prax, Emmanuel in Rochester, and the Rochester Opera House that week.

The show will be May 20-22, 2022 at the Rochester Opera HouseFri 7:30
Sat 2:00 and 7:30
Sunday 2:00

Auditions are for open rolls. The auditions should be 1-3 minutes and memorized.

Everyone in the program will get a part.

The audition is to assess actors current ability and which parts they would fit. You can get more information about how to addition for us Here

There will be a mandatory parent meeting the Friday of auditions.

We will be using the Robin Hood script by Larry Blamire

Here are the rolls we will be auditioning for:

  • Will Gamwell (Scarlet)
  • Riccon Hazel
  • Three Swordsmen with Hazel
  • The Sheriff of Nottingham
  • The Bishop of Hereford
  • Hilton (Female attendant to the Sheriff)
  • King John
  • Little John
  • Much
  • Arthur-a-Bland
  • Meg Scathelocke
  • Alan-a-Dale
  • Ellen Deirwold
  • Eadom
  • Catherine
  • Queen Eleanor of Aquitane
  • Friar Tuck
  • The Prioress of Kirklees
  • Guy of Gisbourne (Super Powered with Magic Horse Skin)
  • Various of the King’s Foresters, Musicians, and common folk.

You can RSVP at Facebook here. If you have questions or thoughts please reach out. Ask here or or text 603-785-7749

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